Episode 112 - SaskScapes in the Summer - with Jeffery Straker

July 27, 2023 SaskScapes by Kevin Power
Episode 112 - SaskScapes in the Summer - with Jeffery Straker
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Show Notes

Original broadcast November 16, 2015

The hit song "Slings and Arrows from the title track of the album has been the opening and closing theme for SaskScapes thanks to Jeffery Straker! The Saskatchewan born singer/songwriter has established himself as one of the most successful (and busiest) artists this province has produced, and has gone on to international acclaim.  Kevin Power joins Jeffery in a conversation that is more fun than two people ought to have in a podcast!  And, it's another "6 degrees" moment as Jeffery reveals his musical lineage which connects him to Beethoven and Chopin. Even Jeffery is part of Taron Cochran's 6-degrees world.

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Host: Kevin Power

SaskScapes theme music ("Slings & Arrows) provided by Jeffery Straker

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